Escape Game Project Indigo, Xcapade. Melbourne.
Escape Game Project Indigo, Xcapade. Melbourne.
Escape Game Project Indigo, Xcapade. Melbourne.

Escape Game Project Indigo

Players 2—6 players
Age Age restriction 12+
Time 60 min. to complete
Price 30 $ per player

About the game Project Indigo

Project Indigo is a highly secretive division of ASIO, mainly because it is charged with investigation the paranormal and supernatural (read, Australian “X files”). They have had Sherlock under surveillance for some time now, in the mistaken belief that he’s linked to the crazy, Frankenstein like, quasi scientist from Laboratorium. Sherlock recently became acutely aware of this when they secretly snatched him near Laboratoium and whipped him into custody at a remote location. Your Mission is to discover the whereabouts of your friend Sherlock whilst avoiding becoming a casualty in the “highly explosive” Project Indigo Office (wired to self dest, in the event of a breach!) Good Luck.

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Address escape game Project Indigo

Melbourne, Address 15A Railway Pl, Fairfield
(03) 941 ... Show phone number

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