Sydney Escape Games, Here We Come!

Sydney Escape Games, Here We Come!

Sidney is a city of wonder and opportunities. While it is not the official capital of Australia, Sidney is associated with the most famous and largest city. Moreover, the Harbour City is a great holiday destination for travelers looking for sandy beaches and kangaroos, dreaming to look at the Harbour Bridge or the iconic Opera House. But it has also something to surprise you: a new type of entertainment – puzzle rooms.

Don’t miss to try at least one of the following real life escape games:

1. Crazy experiments, coma, laboratory…

Escape room Dr. M by Mission Room Escape Sydney is about a renowned chemist whose son commits suicide to avoid a life he doesn’t want. After that Dr. M starts experimenting on living people. Unfortunately for you and your friends (4-9 people), you’ve awoken in a room after a drug-induced coma and Dr. M is aiming to make you his next experiment… Dr. M will be back in 80 mins, can you guys escape the fate of becoming laboratory rats?

2. Detectives, logic, thieves…

Exit game Robbery in the Сottage by Escape Hunt. As world famous detectives, use your keen eye, logic and quick thinking as a team to solve the mystery in an hour before the thief disappears forever! There are 2 identical rooms so you can pit yourself against other detectives to solve this crime the fastest and beat the record time!

Escape Hunt welcomes 2 to 5 players per room, so it is a great place for friends, couples or families. You can try your luck in other 2 historical escape games by Escape Hunt. Find the blackmailers in the Extortion in the Dockyard or the assassins in the Assassin in the Puband and become the best and fastest detectives of the world.


3. Vampires, gloomy castles, supernatural…

In the game Vampire Castle by Mission Room Escape Sydney you and your friends enter a gloomy castle and are transported to the middle ages and the clock is ticking… can you solve the mystery and escape the supernatural castle? For a group of 2-6 people.

4. Military, confidential data, bomb…

Exit game Abandoned Military Bunker on the Rocks by PANiQ-ROOM. Your task is to get into a military bunker and find confidential data for the government, but your team is trapped. Defuse the bomb and try to escape in 60 minutes!

PANiQ-ROOM has a huge experience in the industry while it is operating in different cities all around the world. In Sydney there are two other adventurous missions which are worth solving as well. Escape from a cell in the exit room Supercell 117 or try the live escape game SEN3ES: don't let the magician trick your mind.

leonardo da vinci tech small

5. Wizards, Hogwarts, Magic…

You are a group of 3-4 mysterious wizards, who visit Hogwarts School. Enter the Wish Room and reveal the mystery hidden in the Circle of Death artefact in the escape game The Curse of Hogwarts by The Escape Club.

6. Ancient Powers, Da Vinci, Vatican…

Clock Locked Sydney suggests immersing into the world of ancient powers in the Vatican City. Help the cardinal to discover all the secrets. There’s a need to use your wits, outsmart ancient smokes and mirrors. Can you unravel the truth in a room Da Vinci before it’s too late?  





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