Escape games by "Exitus" in Sydney

EXITUS (now operating within Strike venues as Escapism) is a real life escape room venue located in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane where you have 50 minutes to "escape the room". To escape in time players use a combination of finding clues hidden in the escape room, passing challenges and using initiative. Teamwork is the only way to escape the room before the time runs out.

And if you don't solve the puzzle? Well, legally we have to let you out. Eventually.

Following the extremely popular real life room escape games from overseas comes Australia’s best escape room venues in Australia. EXITUS has 5 amazingly themed escape rooms across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane each with varying levels of difficulty. Exitus is the perfect place for a unique and fun entertainment experience. Each escape room can have 2-6 people, so get your group together and try to Escape the Room.


Exitus is a real life escape the room experience that is unlike any other form of entertainment in the market. It is the latest team building & entertainment craze sweeping the globe across Asia, United States and Europe. The first Exitus began in Melbourne and is now available at venues in Sydney and Brisbane.

Room escape games provide a dynamic and highly interactive experience where groups are required to solve various challenges in order to escape the room within a specified time limit. Groups are challenged mentally rather than physically and all problems require “thinking outside the square”.

Rooms are designed by the Game Master to include vivid story lines, complex puzzles and challenges that have previously only been available in books, movies and video games. Imagination come to life, teams are fully immersed in the story taking your experience to a whole new level.

The games are quite challenging and require a combination of logic, intuition, problem solving and teamwork in order to complete everything. If you don’t work together you will not escape before time runs out. The time limit for all escape games is 50 minutes and the maximum capacity for each room is 6 persons. Challengers under the age of 16 are welcomed when accompanied by an adult.

Each group is allowed “hints” during their game and all games are fully supervised by Game Masters monitoring via surveillance cameras.

Oh and one last thing! Don’t spoil the challenge for the other participants by giving them the answers to the puzzles…they’ll beat your time and rank higher on the leaderboard!

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